Read More, Google Less – Goals for 2017

Dear readers,

Happy January! Here is a little list of the (quite extravagant) goals I have for 2017:

  1. Release Spinebind Issue #4 (20th of January)
  2. Finish the first draft of my novel manuscript
  3. Write a collection of micro memoirs of my trip to Iceland
  4. Move to a city that I love
  5. Get a day job that allows me enough time/brain power to write
  6. Read more, Google less
  7. Finish the second draft of my novel manuscript
  8. Save Save Save
  9. Travel – New York City for my 21st birthday, and Zürich to spend Christmas with family

Now that I have no structure to my life, I think it’s more important than ever to have some goals set in writing. I’ve been so busy with the magazine and my freelance work that I’ve been falling behind on what I actually really want to do. I can’t let that happen this year.

Thanks so much for reading. What are some of your goals for 2017? Let’s hold each other accountable.


Tamara Drazic

3 thoughts on “Read More, Google Less – Goals for 2017

  1. Oh my, those are some ambitious goals! But I think you have the drive and discipline to make them happen. As for me, my main goal is to do my master’s research in Guyana. Now you know why you haven’t seen me around for a while, there’s quite a lot to do to bring that goal into reality.

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  2. Keep a list of private goals. Work in silence. When achieved, let your work speak 😀

    I usually give a name to the year e.g. last year was of Languages and Class, so automatically I was tuned into leaning Spanish, basic German and improve my English. I learnt about Wines to Systems Biology while doing projects at the same time. When a year is named, everything you do becomes to contribute under a name, like a flag which you you have to hoist but before that all the preparations must be done so that when you hoist it, the salute you offer will be remembered by you for a lifetime.

    Having no structure to the life can actually be positive. You can still shape it the way you want to. Even if you can’t, never stop working. I think these 9 points you made for the year all contribute to a single goal, “The year of Melody from the harp of the Work”. Jus’ sayin’ :))

    “Work is love made visible…” Gibran Khalil Gibran.


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