My First Reading at a Literary Salon

Hello Everybody!

I apologise for being so absent lately; it’s week 10 of the university semester and I am well and truly in over my head. Something exciting did happen last Thursday though… I did my first ever reading at a literary salon. I was chosen to read three of my poems to a small but enthusiastic crowd at the Menagerie in Kelvin Grove. I felt the nerves all day, and no matter what I did, my poems wouldn’t stop playing on repeat in my head. I tried to read, but my brain-voice reciting my poetry drowned out Capote’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Not even music could shut the poems up.

When it finally came to the evening, I had been at uni all day, and my nerves had kind of exhausted themselves. My house mates came to watch, and the other readers were my colleagues from my uni class, so the atmosphere was so comforting and familiar. It was a great experience, and although I flinched at the sound of my voice through the microphone at first, by the third line I felt just fine. I will be sure to share the link to the YouTube video as soon as it comes out.

As you may know, I’m going on a little trip to Melbourne on Wednesday, so I’ll definitely be posting about my time there.

Until then,

Yours truly,

Tamara Drazic

P.S. Submissions for Issue#2 of Spinebind magazine close in 6 days.

9 thoughts on “My First Reading at a Literary Salon

  1. Nice reading you again Tamara! And from what I can tell your reading went well!; congrats!!; it would be nice that next time you have a reading or public speaking event to have a friend set up a live stream for you, such as periscope. Can’t wait for the YouTube video to hear you!

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  2. Well done! The thought of doing a reading terrifies me and I’m painfully aware of the necessity of such should my novel-in-progress, you know, actually get somewhere. Such a conflict of interest! Congrats. And definitely post that video haha . . . .


    1. Thank you! Maybe you could try getting some practise with the small lit salons around your area. I definitely feel more relaxed about the next one 🙂 It’s amazing what a positive experience can do. Yes I’ll definitely post it! And good luck with you novel-in-progress. I’m here if you ever need a beta-reader 🙂

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      1. That’s a good idea. I’ll try my best to try it aha. And actually, that would be amazing. I have an editorial review scheduled for September 10th, by which I need to have all my drafts done including my post-beta reader one, and I have no beta readers yet, so if you want to read it in August sometime that would actually be amazing, yeah! I will of course return the favour anytime.

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  3. Congratulations, Tamara, I so wish I could have been down there to hear you read your poems. Can’t wait for the video link 🙂

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