Starting my own Literary Magazine?

Good morning/afternoon/evening!

Every year, the Christmas holidays are a time for me to read, write and submit like crazy before the new year starts up. It’s like my years start in March and end in November, and the months of December through to February are for me to catch up on all the things that I meant to do, and didn’t. These Christmas holidays I have been frantically submitting to literary magazines while searching for other writerly/editorial jobs that I could be qualified for. As you can imagine, the job hunt hasn’t been very fruitful.

Instead, somehow the internet world took me from my original search,
“junior editorial jobs Brisbane”, all the way to “starting your own literary magazine”. Ever since I was about thirteen, it has been a dream of mine to be the editor of my own magazine, but I researched myself out of trying it because of the saturated, dying market. Today I decided to stop letting money and possibility of failure stop me from trying something that could be fun and exciting. A kind of new years resolution.

So today is the first day of planning. I am going to work really hard at this and try to produce a high quality online magazine full of the things I love most – short stories, poetry, extracts of long form prose, personal essays, and one or two opinion pieces per issue.

This magazine will be aimed at new, not necessarily young, writers, and I’m going to try my hardest to pay my writers at least a very small amount to start off with. I want to show them that their work is valuable and valued, even though I won’t be able to pay market rates. I know that this will most definitely cost me money rather than make me money, but it’s a passion project and at this point I really don’t care. I’ll make money elsewhere.

This is my project for twenty sixteen, and I am so excited about it. Hopefully by next year, I’ll have a couple of issues out and can give you all an update on what I’ve learned, the mistakes I’ve made, and the fun and stressful times I’ve had. I’m diving in.

I hope that this post has motivated someone to just go ahead and try something a little crazy. It’s the new year, after all.

Thanks for reading, as always!

Tamara Drazic


6 thoughts on “Starting my own Literary Magazine?

  1. Hey Tamara!, long time no read! (Somewhat embarrassing attempt at being funny 😉 ).

    First of all congratulations on getting one of your poems in a magazine (Read that post a while ago and never got around on saying anything).

    Also I’m happy to hear your trip to Honolulu went well, as you mention in that post, it’s the little things that make up our most memorable experiences!!

    Also, congratulations on this new project, if at all possible I’d like to help out if I can, or at least send you some of my work for your consideration.

    This is sort of a catch up comment and I’m sorry about its length, but so many blessings seem to have been going your way since I last read your blogs, I can’t help but be happy for you !!

    Also happy new year, may you have a good one!!

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    1. Hey! Thank you so so much for this lovely comment; it is truly appreciated (I did laugh at your joke 😉 ). I would absolutely love it if you sent some of your work in to the magazine! I will be sure to send the link to you as soon as it is ready. I hope you have a brilliant 2016, and I look forward to being in touch with you throughout the year. Thank you again for your ongoing support of my blogs and kind of crazy ventures 🙂

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  2. I’m most likely not you (unless all separations truly are illusions), but when I read this I felt both excited and nervous. I imagine this is similar to how you’re feeling, because this is a big step!

    It sounds like money is going to be one of your biggest challenges. If this is true, there might be some online fundraising services you can take advantage of. And while I have very little disposable income right now, during the summer I might be able to make a few small donations: around the order of 15-20 US dollars. Please let me know if this will help, or if there’s anything else I can do to support you.

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    1. I can’t say thank you enough for showing so much support! It really helps to keep me on the right track. I definitely have to research the fundraising services and grants available online! In regards to your offer – I’m blown away by your kindness and willingness to help. Of course any little bit helps, but I don’t want you to feel pressured into anything. Let’s see how the magazine goes, and if you think it’s something that you would like to donate to after the first couple of issues are released, then we can talk about it. Thank you again so so so much.

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      1. You’re most welcome. I have no problems waiting to make any solid commitments, seeing as how I won’t have much extra cash until the summer. But I’m inspired by your willingness to pursue your passion, despite the challenges involved. So I’d like to do what I can to help make it a success 🙂

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