The Woods Tremble

Hi everyone, here’s a poem I wrote a couple of months ago. It’s an ekphrasis of the sculptures by Shigeyo Toya, called “The Woods”. For those of you who don’t know, ekphrastic poetry is poetry that comments on a visual piece of art, and it’s one of my favourite styles of poetry to write in. I was inspired to write this after a trip to the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane. I’m hoping to post more of my own creative pieces on this blog, so please let me know if you would like to see more. Thanks for reading,

– Tamara Drazic


The Woods Tremble (Ekphrasis of “The Woods” by Shigeyo Toya)

the woods

(Image courtesy of

My armoured sentries cower

by their posts, branded with the mark

of a cult. Their stillness chills

the empty air as their

menace mace-heads stare

at throats of passers-by,

just the right height

for the kill. But still,

the woods tremble when they see

my saw. There’s no more work

to be done today, but they won’t rest –

they’ve been tricked before.


6 thoughts on “The Woods Tremble

  1. Reblogged this on Tamara Drazic. and commented:

    Hey guys,

    Happy first of December! Now we can sing as many Christmas songs as we like without getting dirty looks. On another note, I know that some of you have been wanting to read some of my creative work, so here is one of my poems. I posted it on my niche writing blog, The Drazic Diaries. Thanks so much for reading,

    Much love,


  2. Really nice Tamara, as you said, I was craving to read some of your creative work; I was definitively not disappointed and I do hope to read some more of your work in the future.

    Kind Regards from Mexico!

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      1. Gladly, just have to check some things beforehand, it’s been a while since I last reviewed any of my drafts!!

        Gonna start another blog (not running related) in english soon, to practice my english and get back on the writing train.

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